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Originally Posted by 93twodoorLX View Post
now that i think about it mikey, my coupe had 60,000 miles on it when you met me. funny how things work.
And I remember how envious I was, how you were starting with such a fresh car! At the time, my LX had over 250,000 on it.

Originally Posted by Jarrett View Post
As much as I sometimes wish my car was a low-mileage car because of the condition of certain things I still wonder how you justified the price given that you will still have to spend lots of money to correctly paint the car and replace all of the rubber seals you're concerned with. At the most your other car needed patch panels on the quarters and then it was done body-wise. Between the cost of that replacement and a simple respray do you think you'd be in the territory of what you spent now to get a new body?

I'm not hating at all. I really do like the new car. I just don't see how the cost was justified.
There were actually quite a few flaws to the old coupe, and the rust is worse than it appeared. It would need extensive quarter repair, all the way to the tail lights. Considering this was the critical factor keeping me from progressing with the rest of my plans, I had to gauge time+effort versus cost, and it was becoming obvious in my life that buying a new shell, and selling the old coupe, actually ends up being "cheaper" for me. Not just cost, but effort and time especially. After a couple thousand bucks in bodywork the old coupe would have been "nice," but what would I be left with? A car that still doesn't compare to the clean straightness of a virgin body, and one that still needed all the same amount of work in terms of aftermarket mods. I felt I was at the last point in time possible to swap upward for a rust-free, perfect shell from down south, while still having enough value in the old coupe to recoup some of the cost. Yup it is expensive for a 20 year old car, like I said. But that's not why I was buying it. I absolutely love the CB chassis, it is something I plan to own for many more years to come - and I felt the best way of making that happen was to start with one that is basically "brand new" and exactly the base I want - a '93 5spd EX Coupe. Being picky limits options and I feel every year that goes by, finding a car like this, even for an expensive pricetag, may be close to impossible. Every time I pop the hood and am greeted by golden, rust free hardware, I remember why I made this purchase. Heck, the splash guard bolts came out by hand, and were still perfectly grey with zero rust on any threads. THATs what i wanted.

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