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Originally Posted by gloryaccordy View Post
5 spd Mike?
YUP! I haven't posted any pics of the interior because it is the burgundy/maroon color and it disgusts me, but yes it is a factory 5-spd. I'll post a pic below.

Originally Posted by wildcatloe View Post
How much was she? I bought mine in Ocala also lol...I live here
Picked it up for 3750, which I felt was pretty good considering the condition (only 50k miles). Low mileage clean CBs often sell for this price on eBay, even for DX and LX models. I feel this is technically overpriced for somebody looking for a reliable used car - all the rubber in the suspension needs to be replaced and it is in desperate need of a tuneup, but those factors don't bother me, that's not why I bought it. There was another seller, also from Ocala, trying to sell a very similar aged CB but it was White and Automatic, but they wanted > $4k. Considering it likely needed the same amount of work and still needed to be converted to 5spd, this grey coupe was the better choice.

I already have an extensive lineup of parts waiting for it... I just need the garage space, free time, and warm weather to finally put it all together.

Here's a couple additional pics:

Covering everything with "Fluid Film" rust prevention spray:

The nauseating interior:

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