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anything jdm related to the CB chassis has sky rocketed in the last 5 years.
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mcmannyc is cool... so far.
Ugh I let so many parts go when I sold my car, jdm one pieces, oem hood bra, pfm, and my fave the facelift bumper with fogs. Ugh $500 for headlights...... Ugh
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Originally Posted by Grumpys93 View Post
I use to want the one piece head lights but after enjoying the fact that I don't have to worry about my headlights oxidizing and the cost of them made me stick with the normal glass headlights
Oxidation isn’t really an issue because the polycarbonate lenses are easily resurfaced and polished. That combined with a protective (3M) film and they will be clear for quite a long time. I did this with mine and they are still mint.

Originally Posted by Harriers Wake View Post
I've been searching off and on for 90-91 one-piece JDM headlights for a couple years now(ebay, parts sites, etc). Occasionally a set will come up right when I can't possibly justify the expense for one reason or another. I've also entertained the idea of buying one side and then the other, but then I realized something odd. I've never seen one for the left side by itself. I see the right side occasionally but I honestly cant remember seeing a left. Is it just me? Are they all in some lost sock dimension somewhere? What is the most elusive part you've tried to find?
I have a story that may or may not give you hope...

A long time ago in a place far far away i was also looking for a set of 90-91 JDM one-piecers but only found a right side headlight in the classifieds...back when they were still reasonably priced around $200-300 for a decent set. I was hesitant to buy just the one side but the guy selling it knew the odds of finding a lefty were slim so it was priced very, very low. I went ahead and decided to go for it and got it for a steal of a deal along with some other parts. All said and done it cost me less than $40 for the right side light. It needed work (oxidation) but i was prepared to rectify that if i ever found a left side to complete the set. I really didn’t think i’d find one any time soon but within a week an OG member (Dirtyrice) posted up saying he had a left-side JDM one piecer and was looking for a right side. I somehow convinced him that my needs were greater than his and i got him to trade me his JDM lefty for a projector retrofit kit that i had put together for some USDM lights. That was an easy decision for me and we made the trade. Even came with a JDM grille to make it all fit perfect...

Photobucket really fucked up my stash of photos including all the pics of my JDM one-piece restoration and some great pics of when they were first installed...but here are a couple decent shots, the last last shots sadly, of the lights before i neglected the chassis...

So be hopeful and keep checking out the classifieds, eBay, and all the civic/integra JDM sites. Sometimes those guys have a stash of old JDM parts from other cars not just teggys and civics. And if you find just one side for sale, snag it. You never know when the other side will pop up. But a least you’ll be half way there...

It’s too bad this community isn’t nearly as active as it once was. Used to be able to see new ads for rare shit daily...


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