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AAPOQ seems to have made some friends! AAPOQ seems to have made some friends!
Originally Posted by ol blue View Post
Hell , out of all the Mazda 6s I see I never knew they were a hatch. How do these drive, and what do you get for gas mileage? I am debating on trading in my girlfriends vue for a bigger car like this, or for an Audi a3
Mileage is about 28mpg roughly, which isn't bad for a v6. It's definitely a fun ride, its serves our needs quite well.
And she's kind of peppy!

Originally Posted by islandhopper View Post
Nice fleet!
Thanks man, I'm proud of my fleet. But it's only a matter of time b4 I want something else lol

Originally Posted by oni_cb7 View Post
I was thinking the same! I had no idea that this car was a hatchback (well, maybe its a station wagon?). Looks like a sedan. Its really confusing, but this is definitely a nice purchase.

Nice car OP!
Thanks, I love having the hatch, super convenient
I could almost haul lumber is this thing..

Originally Posted by mtnbikaah View Post
Only some are hatchbacks. Look for the "sedan" with a rear wiper. If it has a rear wiper it's a hatchback. And to obi_cb7, they made Mazda6 wagons too.

OP, Nice car BTW.
Thanks Bikaaaaaah!
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