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mtnbikaah is cool... so far.
Originally Posted by ol blue View Post
Hell , out of all the Mazda 6s I see I never knew they were a hatch. How do these drive, and what do you get for gas mileage? I am debating on trading in my girlfriends vue for a bigger car like this, or for an Audi a3
Originally Posted by oni_cb7 View Post
I was thinking the same! I had no idea that this car was a hatchback (well, maybe its a station wagon?). Looks like a sedan. Its really confusing, but this is definitely a nice purchase.

Nice car OP!
Only some are hatchbacks. Look for the "sedan" with a rear wiper. If it has a rear wiper it's a hatchback. And to obi_cb7, they made Mazda6 wagons too.

OP, Nice car BTW.
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These cars will never be the best at anything, but they're pretty damn good at everything.

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