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cp[mike] is very helpful cp[mike] is very helpful cp[mike] is very helpful
thanks everyone... every time i see the car/ pop the hood, even I get suprised at how clean it is... I feel like I found my "like new" CB coupe finally. now just need to make it "mine"

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Excellent pickup Sir Mike. Make sure my window visors, I meant your window visors go on first!
Thanks!! Those are one of my appearance items that I've been saving for the right chassis.. and here it is, finally

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lucky 7
that was my hope as well

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I love that oem color! I would literally just put HOA badges on it in all the correct places. Do mild drop, chrome exhaust tip and call it a day. That thing is MINT!
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Aww yisss
Mike is back y0.
I'd keep it completely rosewood and just swap out to a grey interior man. That's my take on it.
awwwww shit lol yeah I've actually considered that. its actually a nice color, just the red interior sucks. I have grey/black already waiting for it, so maybe i should just throw that in and be done...... but then I realize how much I love Frost White and the popping contrast of a black trimmed white CB, and realize a paintjob has always been in the plans for me, so I should still plan to paint it... just this time it will be less body work (no rust to repair)

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I cant believe we go through the same process all the time!!!

Just to let you know WE have a problem lol
youre not kidding. i should have said something, but i actually had that feeling last time i was at your house.. had been a while since I saw your collection and once I pulled up, I realized you havent been stopping either haha

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