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NH-503P-3 is cool... so far.
I received the DC Integra pfms today. I got a very clean set in black of course because I cannot swap DC internals into CB housings. Although the housing size and shape and mirrors are the same. The internal mech piece does not bolt up the same. (Read my prior posts for more info)
I got the later DC/TL/Prelude style housing that is the (Mc Rib as I call them) distinguished by the bumped out rib on the back of the housing. You can see it clear in this pic below.

No joke; this housing design looks very nice on a CB. Im not that fond of the plain back of the stock CB mirror housing anyways. I removed the DC perch piece as it will not be used and instead the whole complete mirror will be bolted to my CB coupe perches.
Below you can see that the complete TL heated lense pops right onto the DC mech. No need to separate and swap the mirror lense backing pieces on this setup.

More to come on the wiring part probably tomorrow.
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