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NH-503P-3 is cool... so far.
Up next:
I wanted lighted lock switches to go with my window switches. I thought I might be able to use Legend lighted switches but, nope. Scratching that idea I did get very lucky today and found another set of CR-V lighted switches. In my research I have found that 4-door CB door locks will work as the internal contacts that the buttons move against are offset. CB Coupe will not because the contact is centered. Acura RL 98-? Will work best because the housing is more open. The CB 4-door has to be trimmed inside just a little so the bottom of the diffuser on the CR-V button doesn’t hit the plastic when switched. Below is the CR-V switch with one of its “legs” removed. They just pull out. Now it will fit into the CB or RL lock housing.

Here is the lock switch all together with led. Easy peasy.

A couple shots installed in the car:

They aren’t chrome but it doesn’t look bad or out of place. I wonder if there’s a chrome paint pen that I can use on these? Idk they are fine for now lol.
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