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NH-503P-3 is cool... so far.
Well I took apart my headliner once again to get the TSX map/homelink installed. I was going to do a diy on this but what I had to do to get it in I do not recommend for most. If you donít have a sunroof itís doable I guess. But I had to slightly notch the sunroof frame for it to fit. Once I knew I had cut into the drain of the sunroof I needed to seal it on each side. I siliconed the shit out of it and put all around some leak proof tape I found in the garage. My other excuses I made to myself were; that I live in SoCal. and that I donít drive this car on rainy days anyways. I got a 4wd truck for inclement weather. Plus if itís parked outside itís covered. So fuck it. The thing looks totally sick also.
Here are some pics:
This is the back of the headliner with the hole cut and some of the wiring. If you have a sunroof you can see that there is a metal clip holder centered under the hole that I thought about cutting down further into it at first. It would make more room at the front for the map light. BUT, that would cause me to have to really put a worse gash in the sunroof frame for it to fit. The red wires are cut from an Acura CL to have the power for driver and passenger illuminated vanity mirror lights plus a splice for the ambient light.

Here it is when I was test fitting it in. Needs a Little more adjusting.

Here it is all installed. I need to get some led bulbs for the map lights. Everything works as it should plus the blue ambient light is really nice. It comes on as soon as the parking lights are turned on and is adjustable with the dimmer switch.

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