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tm123 03-18-2015 06:05 PM

Internal wire harness, external distributor wiring
I have searched and searched i may be over looking but I have a 90-91 with an internal distributor wire harness, I swapped in a H23A1 with an external distributor.
2 of the 3 plugs plug in but the one to the coil itself doesnt fit.
How do I hook this up correctly?

dj_ender 03-18-2015 07:04 PM



tm123 03-22-2015 03:42 PM

that did not help unfortunately
I have an internal harness vehicle and harness, external distributor (h23a1) :confused:
the ignition coil is not hooked up the plug will not fit but the two plugs on distributor fit

cp[mike] 03-22-2015 03:54 PM

your car does not have a plug to plug into a coil... so what plug "doesnt fit" ?? what plug are you trying to plug in to it????

the stock ignition coil has a square 4-pin plug, but only 3 wires are used. If you don't have a spare matching plug to wire up, you can use standard spade connectors to attach right to the metal tabs of the coil. Power, Ground, and Signal. Power and ground are obvious, and the signal wire leads from the coil, into the 8th pin of the distributor plug. If you look at the main 8-pin distributor plug, you will see that you car only has 7 wires, but the distributor itself has an 8th wire - a green wire. This is the signal wire that leads to the coil. For the 3 coil plug pins, I forget which pin is actually which, but if you look at a stock 92-93 CB7 (or find pictures) you can probably figure out which wire leads to which pin. The signal wire is the small wire, and the two thick ones are power. Black/yellow is positive.

To be honest, the easiest method might actually be to just swap the guts from your Internal F22 distributor, into the new H23 housing. Keep the H23 outer housing and center shaft, but if you re-use all of the F22 electronics and wiring, you can convert the H23 distributor to be "internal coil". The stock internal coil and stuff will all mount into it, no problem. You can even reuse your F22 cap. Then everything will match your stock F22 wiring, only it will be "shaped" properly to mount onto the H23.

Jarrett 03-22-2015 04:25 PM

Read Mike's second paragraph very closely. That's your ticket.

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