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Conversation Between ijj and CBAccordA4
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  1. CBAccordA4
    02-21-2011 03:56 PM
    That water pump is VERY hard to find but you can definately find one at autodynamics-honda.com. It is a website that sells OEM honda stuff only from singapore. They should have it in stock. Other than that I have a new one that I installed on my f22b when I spun a bearing. I bought this pump in trying to cycle out the noise that the engine was making until I finally found out that it was the bearing making the noise. If you want to buy it then let me know. $70 shipped. This is a real PT2 f22b dohc waterpump from Honda. It is currently attatched to the block in my uncles garage because I was gonna rebuiled but I dont think I will. let me know, as far as your problem it just might be the pump especially if alot of coolant is seeping from it. Also the alternator can cause this problem from worn bearings so check that as well.
  2. ijj
    02-09-2011 02:39 AM
    how you doing ? i was reading one of your posts on the swap you did with the f22b dohc non vtec motor.. i got some issues i was wondering if you could help me solve with this engine ? i just did the timing belt 2 months ago i took some advice and used a timing belt from a 88 dodge caravan because i couldnt find the dealer part for it the timing belt worked like a charm but i got stuck at the water pump i got the water pump for a f22b sohc perfect fit but too many teeth and i tried my hardest to find the same pump that was in there but i couldnt so i left the old one in there. today i heard some banging sound in the engine and 3 days ago i heard screeching sounds as if my drive belts were worn but when i checked the engine there was water bleeding out of the water pump area and it sounded like someone just stuck a screwdriver in there while it was running !!! any help would be greatly appreciated i need to know what water pump goes with the original belt that i have in there i believe the water pump has 19 or 20 teeth ? !!!!!!!!! thanks

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